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Copper Penny Coaching

Experience where relationships meet with practical coaching creating stronger, healthier, and loving bonds. Copper Penny Coaching provides relationship coaching for couples who are rebuilding their marriage after a crisis and have decided to stay together instead of getting a divorce.



are personalized to meet your needs

Copper Penny Coaching provides Relationship Coaching for Couples via one-on-one sessions, group coaching, workshops, and online programs.  It specializes in mindful coaching to help clients shift their thoughts & feelings into a mindset that releases fear, hopelessness, and shame opening up their hearts to be confident, trustworthy, happy, and loving.

LaQuitta Joseph


I’m happy you chose to check out the Copper Penny Experience.

Are you hurting and in pain, but still want to save your marriage?

Do you have doubts that your marriage can be saved?

Are you afraid of disappointing and destroying your family?

Do you need help to get through the day to day? 



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