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Experience where your goals and dreams meet with practical coaching. Copper Penny Coaching provides professional development coaching and training for women who want to define their career path and enhance their professional skills so that they can get promoted.



are personalized to meet your needs

Copper Penny Coaching provides Professional Development Coaching & Training for women via one-on-one sessions, group coaching, workshops, and online programs.  It specializes in mindful coaching to help clients shift their thoughts & feelings into a mindset that aligns with their goals and aspirations creating less fear, procrastination, self-doubt, and lack of confidence and more success.

LaQuitta Joseph


I’m happy you chose to check out the Copper Penny Experience.

Are you lacking motivation at work?

Are you tired of being overlooked for promotions or other career opportunities?

Are you disappointed with a “mediocre” performance review?

Do you need to enhance your “soft” skills? 


see what they say

We enjoyed “The Kanban Board & Participation” at the workshop

-Workshop for Crestview Health & Rehabilitation Center (Atlanta, GA)

Very Entertaining & Professional

– Workshop Participants at Crestview Health & Rehabilitation Center 

Learned a lot about a new process to organize, prioritize, and progress towards goals

– Workshop Participants at Crestview Health & Rehabilitation Center 

The coaching was phenomenal; Something to use in both personal & worklife

– Workshop Participants at Crestview Health & Rehabilitation Center 

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