Turning Failing Marriages into Flourishing, Loving Relationships

Get back to the HONEYMOON phase of your MARRIAGE



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Copper Penny Coaching

Experience where relationships meet with practical coaching creating stronger, healthier, and loving bonds. Copper Penny Coaching helps couples turn their failing marriages into flourishing and loving relationships.  We help them to reboot and reconnect to bring friendship and fun back into their marriage.

“You have to do the work in your marriage, but it has to be laid on a strong foundation of love.” – Robin Wright



are personalized to meet your needs

Copper Penny Coaching provides Relationship Coaching for Couples via one-on-one sessions, group coaching, workshops, and online programs.  It specializes in mindful coaching to help clients shift their thoughts & feelings into a mindset that releases fear, hopelessness, and shame opening up their hearts to be confident, trustworthy, happy, and loving.

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I’m happy you chose to check out Copper Penny Coaching.

Are you ready to take your marriage to another level?

Are you feeling frustrated with your relationship?

Is the “honeymoon phase” over?

Do you need help having difficult conversations  (money, sex, children, in-laws, blended families) with your spouse?

Does he leave the toilet seat up and doesn’t pick up behind himself?

Does she not cook and clean?

Do you feel like you’re not spending enough time together?

These are just some of the topics or issues that come up in marriage with the couples we work with.  If this sounds like you, then perhaps you and your spouse can benefit from our coaching programs.



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