Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year! I’m baaaaack. Yes, it’s me… Copper Penny! 

Does it feel like 2019 went by as quicly as it does to me? Well, it was a busy year for me and I’m sure it was for you too. With so much going on, I was not able to connect with you much last year. I miss sharing with you and feeling your love and energy. I want to change that this year; I need to reconnect with you. The year is already starting off on a super fast pace and I’m not able to do my videos like before but I’m going to replace the videos with a blog. It’s my hope you will enjoy this and engage with me via this format as you have in the past.

This year I’m focusing on the things that are important to YOU. I realize everyone doesn’t have the same needs; so I want to meet you where you are whether it’s in your job, relationship, education, finances, or life in general. I’ve had women come to me for coaching in all these areas and I find them all rewarding. My focus is to help women live their best life in all areas of their life; to help them be a whole person, true to themselves; AUTHENTIC. Ladies, let’s do it in 2020!

Now…I want to hear from you. Tell me what you have been up to? Place your responses in the reply section below. Also, tell me what coaching topics you want to read more about. I truly want to provide valuable and useful content for you.

What goals did you achieve 2019? Did something exciting happen to you? Did you get married, have a baby or grand baby? Did you start a dream job? What’s on your goals list for 2020? Do you need support achieving them? I’m here and ready to start you on your journey right now, there’s no time to waste and I’m confident you can do it.

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