It’s Thursday, January 23rd. You set a goal for yourself to get a new job this year or to ask for a pay raise, but you don’t have a plan or approach to make it happen. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? You can’t give up! Here are a few tips. (Note, these tips assume you are qualified for the job you want or deserve the raise you are requesting.)

  1. You must get your mind right. Everything and every move you make is dependent on your mindset. What’s in your head? What do you really think when you ponder this goal? I know you want it but there are things in your head that are holding you back. What are they? Is it FEAR? Is it lack of CONFIDENCE? Do you believe you are WORTH IT? Whatever the thoughts in your mind, you must overcome them. Try prayer or meditation each day to put yourself in a good headspace. You must deal with the evil villian on your shoulder.
  2. You must visualize yourself in the new position or see yourself asking for the pay increase. Role play each of the activities and think about the reasons your manager could say ‘no’ and come up with your rebuttal. Play it over and over in your head to build confidence. When you know how to respond to those responses you feel more in control of yourself and in what you have to offer the organization; no matter the outcome you are winning.
  3. You should assess your energy level. Positive energy versus Negative energy is a real thing; it affects how others perceive you. Whether you have positive or negative energy, there’s an impact on how much success you achieve. Are you negative and only see roadblocks in your life? Are you positive and see opportunities and want to capitalize on them? You can still get by with negative energy but it’s not sustainable. Eventually, you’ll get worn out or have a breakdown because negative energy is draining. Practice positive thinking.
  4. You should create a plan and take action to achieve your goals. It’s nice to have what you want and desire in your head. It’s better if you write those things down and come up with ways to make them happen. Last week, I wrote about setting SMART goals; you may want to revisit that post to make sure you have set milestones that will help you reach your goals. Further, an action plan helps you set step-by-step activities you will take to achieve the goals. You should break it down by months, then weeks, and finally by day.

Are you ready to do this? You can apply the aforementioned steps to any goal or intention you have because you are fully equipped to achieve the things that have been placed in your heart.

Maybe you have goals but you don’t know how to make them happen. If not, it’s OK; we all have been in this place. I, myself, have had goals and plans for my life but didn’t know how to make them a reality; or I simply wasn’t disciplined and needed an accountability partner.

Well I can help YOU. Copper Penny Coaching is offering FREE LIFE COACHING. If you need a little assistance, then it is your time to make it happen. This is not a gimmick or trick to get you to reach out and then there’s a switcharoo to get you to pay. If you are serious and want to make a change in your life then you can visit the Copper Penny Coaching website at and go to the Contact Us page. There you can submit a request for FREE LIFE COACHING. Fill in the contact form with your information and the reason for the contact (FREE LIFE COACHING) and submit. You may also email indicating you are interested in FREE LIFE COACHING. I will contact you back and set up time for us to discuss what you want to achieve so we can determine if we’re a good fit for each other (you may not like me). 🙂 There’s only one caveat, you MUST be serious about your goals and be committed to seeing things through no matter what. That’s IT!

Are you ready? It’s time to get your life.

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