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Hello, I’m happy you chose to check out the Copper Penny Experience.

First I’m sure you are asking what exactly IS the Copper Penny Experience?  The Copper Penny Experience is a personal process that transformed my marriage and molded it into the relationship filled with openness, authenticity, security, love and passion that not only revived my marriage but revived my life.

Are you ready to move forward in your marriage after nearly being in divorce court?

Are you afraid of being a failure in your marriage?

Are you disappointed in your spouse and not sure if you can make things work?

Do you need help getting beyond the hurt and pain?

Don’t let these things get you down. 

The Copper Penny Experience will help you get your marriage back and make it the best you could imagine.  It will help you define what you want in your relationship, set goals and take actions to move you and your spouse into a healthy, engaging, and loving marriage.

A little bit

about my background

How did I get here?

Like you, I woke up one day and realized my marriage was in trouble and was headed for divorce.  How it got there?  At the moment, I couldn’t figure it out but as you and I know, there were signs and issues along the way that were ignored and discarded as not that serious.  I’d spent many years trying to be the “perfect” wife and mother.  I was going through the motions mainly driven by my desire to have a stable home for my family and not wanting to disappoint my family and friends. I was trying to be what everyone else wanted for me and wasn’t clear of who I was at my core and what I really wanted in my life.  I finally, took a step back to assess my situation and became honest about what I wanted in my marriage and in my life.  I learned to be honest with “myself” and became confident that if I was operating from a pure space of authenticity then I really could have the fairytale marriage all girls dream about.  I’m happy to say, I have my dream husband and he’s the man I love and married over 23 years ago.

My transformation came as I went through my training as a life coach.  My training not only taught me how to be a great coach but I personally went through a year of personal coaching similar to my clients.  I was challenged to dig deep into who I was and the life experiences that had shaped my perspective on life.  I learned without realizing it, I’d started to “play small” to keep others from feeling bad about themselves.  I believed because I’d been told that I dominated situations and that it wasn’t all about me, that if I wanted to maintain my relationships, then I should be someone different so I could be accepted and not shunned by people close to me. These thoughts transcended into other areas of my life, including my relationships and developed into self-doubt and a lack of confidence and migrating into my marriage.  Once I became aware of my own thoughts and feelings surrounding these areas, I was able to shift these thoughts and feelings to build the marriage I desired the most.  

If you like what you’ve heard so far but aren’t sure if this is for you then it’s time for you take the next step and scheduled a strategy session where you can create a plan for your marriage and your future.

Schedule a STRATEGY session today.


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