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Hello, I’m happy you chose to check out the Copper Penny Experience.

First I’m sure you are asking what exactly IS the Copper Penny Experience?  The Copper Penny Experience is a personal process that transformed my life and has molded me into a state of peace, authenticity, success, and satisfaction in my career and all aspects of my life.

Are you lacking motivation at work?

Are you tired of being overlooked for promotions or other career opportunities?

Are you disappointed with a “mediocre” performance review?

Do you need to enhance your “soft” skills?

Don’t let these things get you down. 

The Copper Penny Experience will help you get your motivation back.  It will help you define what you want in your career, set goals and take actions to impress your manager and move you from mediocre to excellence.

A little bit

about my background

How did I get here?

Like you, I lacked motivation in my career despite the career success I’d experienced.  I was going through the motions mainly driven by the nice salary I was receiving.  In my personal life, I was trying to be what everyone else wanted for me and wasn’t clear of who I was at my core and what I really wanted not only in my career but in my life.  I finally, took a step back to assess my situation and became honest about my motives for pursuing certain things in my life.  I learned to be honest with “myself” and became confident that if I was operating from a pure space of authenticity then I could achieve anything.

My transformation came as I went through my training as a life coach.  My training not only taught me how to be a great coach but I personally went through a year of coaching as the client.  I was challenged to dig deep into who I was and into the life experiences that had shaped my perspective on life.  I learned without realizing it, I’d started to “play small” to keep others from feeling bad about themselves; that I wasn’t dominating situations (that it wasn’t all about me).  Well, this habit transcended into other areas of my life, including my career; and developed into self-doubt and a lack of confidence.  However, once I became aware of my own thoughts and feelings surrounding these areas, I was able to shift these thoughts and feelings to achieve the results I desired the most.  Now, I’m preparing to quit my job and focus on coaching women like myself full time to achieve their career goals.  I use my skills and experience as a Program Manager in Corporate America to teach the skills needed to help you progress in your career.  As a Program Manager, I’ve led Enterprise teams to execute and implement million-dollar projects in the retail and financial services industries.  Just as I’ve successfully led teams, I want to lead you to the career experience of your choice.

If you like what you’ve heard so far but aren’t sure if this is for you then it’s time for you take the next step and try it before you buy it.

Schedule a FREE introductory call with me today.


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